Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Calculator in Excel

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Calculator, Chart in Excel

Today we are going to provide the sukanya samriddhi yojana calculator where we will provide the amount you can expect if the interest rate remain 9.2% per annum. As we all know interest calculation of sukanya samriddhi account is compounded anually. Due to this the sukanya samriddhi yojana calculator is very important for all of us. I will  explain the details so that you can calculate the amount easily.

sukanya samriddhi account yojana Calculator

Lets take an example. My girl child is of 3 years and I start depositing amount from 1st april 2015 and will start from 12000 rupee on that day itself. Each year on same I will deposit the same amount then after 21 deposits I will expect Rs 761821.4

Let me explain now the below data sheet and how you can create your own sukanya samriddhi account yojana Calculator.

  • 1st column Age of Girl child  – Enter the age of your girl child as of today.
  • 2nd column account age – This will be be the age of the account i.e. for how much year account has been opened for. Please note Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme will take deposit til 14 years
  • 3rd column Date of deposit – This is the date by which an individual will deposit the amount as part of sukanya samriddhi account yojana
  • 4th Column Deposit amount – This is the amount that an individual gaurdian will deposit for Girl child. I have done 14 deposits of 12000 each which equivalent to Rs 1000 for Sukanya account
  • 5th Column Principal amount year end – This is the amount that you can see in the account after financial year end i.e. 31st March of every year. This is calculated by adding the total amount at the year end + deposit amount for the next year. First cell i.e of 12000 can be pre filled as the principal amount will remain 12000 only. For the next cell you need to include formula as D3+G2 and so on.
  • 6th Column Total Yearly interest – This is the interest that the SSAY account will accumulate if the interest rate remains at 9.2% per annum. Formula to use is principal *1.092 – Princial or E2*1.092 -E2 = Interest
  • 7th Column Total Amount year End – This is the final amount that you will get after each year. Formula to use is principal amount + Yearly Interest i.e. E2+F2You just need to copy the above table to an excel and can apply the formula.
Age of Girl Child (A) Account age (B) Date of deposit (C) Deposit Amount (D) Principal amount year end (E) Total Yearly Interest (F) Total amount year end (G)
3 1 01-Apr-15 12000 12000.0 1104.0 13104.0
4 2 01-Apr-16 12000 25104.0 2309.6 27413.6
5 3 01-Apr-17 12000 39413.6 3626.0 43039.6
6 4 01-Apr-18 12000 55039.6 5063.6 60103.3
7 5 01-Apr-19 12000 72103.3 6633.5 78736.8
8 6 01-Apr-20 12000 90736.8 8347.8 99084.5
9 7 01-Apr-21 12000 111084.5 10219.8 121304.3
10 8 01-Apr-22 12000 133304.3 12264.0 145568.3
11 9 01-Apr-23 12000 157568.3 14496.3 172064.6
12 10 01-Apr-24 12000 184064.6 16933.9 200998.5
13 11 01-Apr-25 12000 212998.5 19595.9 232594.4
14 12 01-Apr-26 12000 244594.4 22502.7 267097.1
15 13 01-Apr-27 12000 279097.1 25676.9 304774.0
16 14 01-Apr-28 12000 316774.0 29143.2 345917.2
17 15 01-Apr-29 0 345917.2 31824.4 377741.6
18 16 01-Apr-30 0 377741.6 34752.2 412493.9
19 17 01-Apr-31 0 412493.9 37949.4 450443.3
20 18 01-Apr-32 0 450443.3 41440.8 491884.1
21 19 01-Apr-33 0 491884.1 45253.3 537137.4
22 20 01-Apr-34 0 537137.4 49416.6 586554.1
23 21 01-Apr-35 0 586554.1 53963.0 640517.0

Now comes the complex part of sukanya samriddhi account calculator where guardian plan to pay amount monthly.  Lets take an example to understand how Sukanya samriddhi Yojana Interest calculation will work in this case. For SSAY account interest is calculated yearly which means that if you pay amount in the month of May then the interest calculation will be done at year end only and interest will not get compounded in the middle of the year.

Below is the Sukanya Samriddhi account calculator in excel with Monthly interest.

  • 1st column is the date of deposit. Here we have taken day one of every month
  • 2nd column is monthly deposit – This the amount that you will deposit each month. I have taken 1500 ruppees to be deposit each month
  • 3rd column is yearly interest – This is the tough part to explain and basically it is the total interest you will get after completion of financial year. The formula you need to apply is B2*(1.092)^(Remaining month/12) – B2
  • 4th Column is the amount at the year end – This is the sum of monthly deposit + total yearly interest
  • 5th Column is Total amount. You can just sum up the amount at year end to get the total amount with interest
Date of deposit (A) Monthly deposit (B) Total Yearly Interest (C) Amount year end (D) Total Amount year end (E)
01-Apr-15 1500.0 138.0 1638.0 18884.9
01-May-15 1500.0 126.0 1626.0
01-Jun-15 1500.0 114.1 1614.1
01-Jul-15 1500.0 102.4 1602.4
01-Aug-15 1500.0 90.6 1590.6
01-Sep-15 1500.0 79.0 1579.0
01-Oct-15 1500.0 67.5 1567.5
01-Nov-15 1500.0 56.0 1556.0
01-Dec-15 1500.0 44.7 1544.7
01-Jan-16 1500.0 33.4 1533.4
01-Feb-16 1500.0 22.2 1522.2
01-Mar-16 1500.0 11.0 1511.0

Once you get the total amount you can then use the simple calculation provided above to get the amount after 21 years. Do comment us in case of any confusion or lt us know your amount you are planning and we will provide the calculation.

Sukanya Yojana Calculator Excel

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  1. Suraj dev prasad

    Account open date. 17/04/2018
    DOB. 08/07/2011
    What is the date of Majority and Maturity
    Deposite monthly. 1000

  2. A girl child joined my family on Yesterday. I wish to open Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account in her name and to deposit one thousand by each month. Please let me know the total amount on completion of 18 years of age and any other benefits to the child in mid of the course of deposit.

    With best regards,

  3. Sir, m 30,000/year ki scheme chalu karna chahta hu to kya mujhe 30,000₹ ek sath deposit karvane h ya tukdo me deposit karva du.
    May me 5000₹ deposit karva diye
    July me 4000₹deposit karva diye
    Sahi h ya galat.

  4. Every Per Month: Rs.1000
    Interest Rate 2017-18: 8.3
    Afer 14 Year Paid Amount: Rs.274,906
    You can get after 21 years of your baby: Rs.557,720

  5. may month i deposit 10000 RS. Jun month i deposit 15000 Rs. pls give calculator this variation amount. i paid every year different amount.

  6. Sir For our second child we started SSY on 1.4.2015( HER AGE WAS 9 YRS 2 MONTHS) WITH RS 14000 AND IN 2017 WE DEPOSITED RS 2000 AND IN 2018 WE HAVE INVESTED RS 1,01000;

  7. Sir me per month 2000 jama karta hu mere account ki maturety kitni hogi plz reply

  8. Dilip singh kharwal

    What is interest rate in sukanya scheme
    Maine 1 year ki meri beti ka account open karva rakha hai 2015 se
    Mere ko kab tak jama karvana hai
    Mai yearly 25000 ke around deposited karvat hu
    To mere ko about kitna output milega aur kab

  9. Venkata Muttineni

    Good morning sir.

    I would like to open account for my niece (sister daughter). Am I eligible? What would be the procedure. Could u please help me with that.

    Venkat Muttineni

  10. Venkatamuttineni

    I read in one of the comments, any one can open as long as they dont claim tax benefits. If I dont claim any tax benefit would it be ok??

  11. Venkatamuttineni

    That’s up to us do we have to deposit in their account or do have to maintain new acc#. Some family reasons might involved. I dont think I am asking ur suggestion in this regards. My concern, would it be possible to maintain acc# on behalf of my niece.


  12. now I am depositing money suppose 5-6 years, but after few year if I will not able to deposit the money then what will happen? is it mandatory to deposit the money till 14 years?

  13. agar mai 2 years ke baad apna yearly deposit amount 12000 se 18000 karna cha hu to kya ho sakta hai.

  14. Can both parents deposit Rs 1.5 Lacs in the same account (meaning 1.5 Lacs by father and 1.5 Lacs by mother= total 3 Lacs) and avail 80C benefits separately for 1 girl child?

  15. I have one SSY account, on which I deposit 3000 per month. Can I deposit extra amount on mid of any month or year.

  16. I would like to start account with 150,000 per year for first two year, later if i want to pay yearly only 25000 or amount less than 150,000 is it OK ? or require to pay same amount every year. Can i pay diffrent amount every year.


  18. hi.
    मुझे ये बताये अगर कुछ समय बाद पिता की मृत्यु हो जाती हे तो गोरमेंट पसे जमा क्रय गई या फिर बंद हो जाये गई

  19. Hi …. ,i have opened account in 2018 and my daughter is 7 years now (2011 born)
    1. until what age of my daughter i should deposit ?
    2. Is it 14 year continuous i should deposit amount?

    thank you in adavance

  20. Hi …. ,i have opened account in 2018 and my daughter is 10 years now (2008 born)
    1. until what age of my daughter i should deposit ?
    2. Is it 14 year continuous i should deposit amount?

    thank you in adavance

  21. i want to change guardian name. earlier when I opened account in post office the guardian name was mentioned my wife name.
    pl suggest how can I change.

  22. sir, I opened SSY in 2015 when my daughter age was 7 yrs. I am depositing 5000 per month. Still how many yrs I have to deposit. What will be the maturity amount and in which year. Kindly reply.