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Sukanya Samriddhi Account for NRIs

This article provides detail on Sukanya Samriddhi account for NRI. Just to give the background the Girl child Prosperity was never so talked about before Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana was launched.  With this scheme, parents of girl child can have some relief for their future, at least in terms of financial spending.  The scheme offers a wonderful rate of interest along with tax saving and other unmatchable benefits. Lets check the details on whehter an NRI can open sukanya samriddhi account or not.

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Yojana NRI

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Yojana NRIs

The scheme was officially launched at the beginning of the year and since then a lot of parents have been enquiring about the scheme online.  Some of those parents are NRIs, who too want to secure the future of their girl child.  The details of the scheme are not really very clear in the official gazette; however, we can say that the scheme is not for NRIs.g

Non Resident Indians are not eligible for opening a Sukanya Samriddhi account for their daughters.  This is the status of the scheme as of now.  We are not sure if government permits NRIs too to get an account for their girl child in future.

There could be possibilities wherein sukanya samriddhi account for NRI can surely have SSA.  For example, the scheme permits every Indian to open SSA for their girl child.  A common Indian opens an account for their daughter and then moves abroad.  In that situation, the parents would continue to operate the account and reap the benefits of the scheme simply because they were resident Indian at the time of opening of Sukanya Samriddhi Account. This is bit complex but will happen and will get clear on this scheme gains maturity.

Those who have NRI status as of now can definitely not have an SSA account and if they want to look for a small saving scheme in India, that is fruitful enough too, can opt for schemes like PPF that offers an equally appreciable rate of interest.

As for common Indian from lower and middle income group, this scheme would certainly be helpful if they have daughters or are legal guardians of a girl child.  They can share their burden of huge amount of money that would be spent during their marriage and higher education by starting the savings effective immediately.

We will upate further information regarding sukanya samriddhi account yojana for NRI. Request our readers to visit the page after few days to check regarding SSAY NRI account.


  1. ASHOK Kumar Bazaz

    when SSY Account was oened my grand daughter was residing in India.. Thereafter she went abroad (canada) with parents and now she is NRI.From day of opening account, the amount therein has been deposited by me from my own bank account out of love and affection ss gift.i am an Indian and residing in Jalandhar. Should i deposit the amount as hereto before?

    Adv. Ashok Kumar Bazaz

  2. I am the mother of two children .one daughte[6 years old] and one son.we are residing in India and my husband is still an NRI .i want to know is my daughter is eligible for SSY

  3. I am the mother of two children .one daughte[6 years old] and one son.we are residing in India and my husband is still an NRI .i want to know is my daughter is eligible for SSY


      what is the status of your girl child and you? is she and you Indian? If yes then you apply for her.

  4. Myself and my wife are Indian nationals working in abroad.
    Is it possible to avail the SSY for my daughter ?

  5. I am planning to open sukanya samriddhi account t for my 7 year old.we are Indian citizens residing in USA for past 4 years.We have plans to move back to India only.Can I open account now or should I wait till we start residing in India?


      you can open SSY account only when
      1) You live in India ( Indian Resident)
      2) Should hold Indian Citizenship (All Family Members)

  6. I am residing in Dubai, UAE and my daughter was born here and has Indian Passport since UAE do not give citizenship but has only work or residence visas. Please let me know if my daughter is eligible to open Sukanya Samriddi Account?

  7. Hi,
    We are Indian citizens/passport holders and my daughter holds a SSA. But soon we all will becoe Canadian citizens. Do we continue the SSA or close it and take money back? Thanks

  8. I have a daughter 7 years now she is born in India,but we stay in kuwait, on dependent visa with my husband and we r holding Indian passports and as Indian citizens only , so can I apply for ssy for my daughter now

  9. Sir, Thank you for your article. I am NRI living in Kuwait. My daughter is born in Kuwait and having Birth Certificate from Indian Embassy. I will be moving back to India permanently by year end. When can I open SSY for her thereafter settling in India?


      she is eligible if she follows all these rules
      1) Less than 10 years (girls age)
      2) Both Parents and Girl child should be indian and stay in india.

  10. My daughter holds a SSA but soon I( her father) would be going abroad to work on ship.Do I continue the SSA or close the account.I have submitted my details along with the form

  11. I opened SSA for my daughter in july18 and I would be leaving india for job on ship in sept 18 on 9 to 11 months contract and will come back to India for a month and go back again.Will I have to close the account or can continue with the investment or is it possible to change the name of the guardian


      If you are alive then you legally cannot change the name of gaurdian in Sukanya account. Now theoretically you should close this account as soon as you become NRI but practically govt cannot track that. SO in a longer run if you think that you will be in India then you should continue this account. If you think that there are high chances of you staying back then you should close it.

  12. I had opened SSA in Punjab National Bank in Dehradun but the bank is refusing to issue a passbook.As the investment is for long duration .Please advise what should i do.

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