SBI Realty Portal For Home Buyers (

SBI Realty Portal For Home Buyers (

The State Bank of India has launched a new portal called SBI Realty. This will help home buyers with finding flats from various construction projects. It will include options from 3,000 projects in around 13 states with 30 different cities being represented. The portal is currently located for use at

This was produced with assistance from SBICAP Securities and PropEquity. The groups are offering support in terms of producing a site that is fully updated and immersive. This especially helps to improve upon the content highlighted on the site so clients can learn about different properties of value to them.

Site Details For Properties

The site has information on properties in many forms:

  • Information on the general size of each property is included on the site. This includes details on the BHK total and how much carpet area is included in event flat available for sale. Most listings have graphic details of the floor plans for each flat.
  • Full information on individual projects that properties are located in is also included. The site has details on the base number of floors on each project and the total number of towers that might be included within a full development space.
  • Details on what it costs to acquire a flat are also listed. The totals vary based on the BHK numbers and the square footage of each place that is being offered for rent.
  • Various amenities are also included in each property. Every listing includes details on club houses, tennis and basketball courts, fitness centers and power backup features as well as private parking.

Loan Support

People can also use the SBI Realty portal to find information on loans they can use to acquire new homes. It helps with calculating the totals that one needs to borrow based on a person’s income and credit. This helps with establishing the long-term cost that might be associated with getting into a particular property of value.

Support From SBI

The SBI Realty portal is being utilized to help highlight the many housing options available around India. These include modern choices with all the amenities that people are often looking for when getting such properties. The choices include many that are made with contemporary architectural features and functions in mind.

This all comes as SBI has been providing homeowners around India with extensive support for a variety of assets and deposits. SBI has a deposit base of Rs. 25.85 lakh crore and has about 24,000 branches around the country plus a little less than 200 more in 35 outside countries.

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