How to Pre Book (Buy) JioPhone from 24th August 2017


How to Pre Book (Buy) JioPhone from 24th August 2017

Ever since, Jio stepped in to the telecom industry there has been update each and every day in the industry by telecom operators in order to match the offered by JIO and to retain their customer base. Recently, majority of the Indian people are going with the reliance jio’ tagline of “Jio Jee Bhar Ke” since, jio offers free voice and video callings which can’t be seen in any other operators.

4G featured Mobile offered by Reliance Jio

Few weeks before the entire nation experienced new kind of shock wave when the Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani introduced 4G jio smart phones for just Rs.1000, now the shock increased further as today the July 21st of 2017, the reliance Industries chairman announced new 4G featured mobile phones for just Rs. 500.

Though, it was quoted as Rs. 500 as its cost, the 4G network giant of India come up with surprise gift by offering that 4G featured phone for just free (Rs. 0 cost) however, the buyers are required to do re-fundable deposit of Rs. 1500. The security deposits will be refundable to respective users after 36 months. The announcement for new featured 4G smart phone came at the Annual General meeting (AGM) in which the company chairman listed the achievements.

JioPhone Features and Specifications

The much expected jiophone was introduced by the Akash and the Isha Ambani recently, the phone seems to be pretty basics and can be easily utilized by the all people at ease. Here are the highlighting features of the newly released JioPhone.

  • Though, the phone is designed with basic features which is complete different from the modern smart phone but still the new JioPhone support voice commands. The phone specially designed to react according to the user’s voice commands.
  •  Just like the old mobile phones, the presence of the phonebook in the new JioPhone would be simpler and much familiar to majority of the mobile phone users.
  • Apart from the basic mobile phone features, the new Jiophone comes with number of loaded apps which can be useful for users to stick with their internet activities. The inclusion of browsers and social media applications like facebook, PM Modi’s Maan Ki Baat broadcast gives the elegant look to the phone.
  • The phone comes with 2.4 inch displays along with the panic button with the intention of helping women who are alone during the night timings. In addition to that, it also supports UPI payments, and other card payments.
  • While launching the all new jiophone, Akash Ambani conveyed that the company under the name LYF is about to place NFC support in the new jiophone so that users can able to do enjoy the pay solutions by simply tapping action.
  • During the launching event, the reliance owner exclaims that the company has decided to release the 4G VoLTE feature phone for free of cost by getting refundable deposit from the consumers.

How to Book JioPhone on 24th August 2017

  • Please follow Pre Book Jio Phone.
  • Fill the form
  • You can pay the security amount online or can pay at any relaince center.

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