Passport Seva Kendra project (PSK)

Passport Seva Kendra project 

The Passport Seva is a flagship project which was launched by UPA ruled govt. in 2010 and is carried forward by the present NDA govt. This project is all about making partnership with 3rd party to create more efficient and stable passport system in the country which will help millions of citizens of India. Gone are the days of pen and paper application, verification and registration of passports where one had to wait for nearly 4 to 6 months to get the passport from the Passport offices.  The PSP model is all about digitalization and fast racking of the entire mode of passport facility given to Indian citizens. The PSP has originated back in May 2010 when the Indian Govt. first assessed about the project.

Some important data regarding the Passport Seva Project:

Sl. No. Attributes Related Data
1 Governing Ministry Ministry of External Affairs
2 Digital Support giving 3rd party Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
3 Total no. of passports rendered under the project till June 2016 3.69 crore
4 Budget allocation Rs. 730 crore
5 Online PSP portal
6 Mobile application mPassport Seva app
7 Total no. of Common Service Centres (CSCs) 1 lakh plus
8 National Call centre 1800 258 1800
9 Instant update of passport status Via SMS

What are the Passport Seva Kendras (PSK)?

Passport Seva Kendras are nothing but the offices where the passports are processed these days using modern techniques opted under PSP. As per latest records till June 2016, a total of seventy seven PSKs have already been established and are giving passport services to the citizens throughout the nation. These PSKs are extended units of the existing and main passport offices of the country. There are a total of 37 such passport offices across India, each state having minimum of one such office. The PSKs under the PSP project have come up providing more efficient and result oriented passport services across the country. The PSKs have the motto to make the passport service more transparent, streamlined and fast, in public interest.

Passport Seva Laghu Kendras

Under the PSP project, the concerned Ministry has already taken an important decision to set up additional Laghu Kendras offering passport services named PSLKs. These PSLKs are auxiliary units of main passport offices which will be beneficial for those citizens who reside very far from the Passport offices. A proposal of 19 such PSLKs have been made by the Govt. under the PSP project. Out of this, 12 PSLKs have already been established and is efficiently performing its task across several states and UTs.

Entire process of passport service is online now

To provide efficient passport services to the citizens and also satisfactory waiting interval, the Govt. has taken up the PSP scheme. The entire system of registering for passport to actually getting it on hand has become online and the traditional offline methods are scrapped. The online portal of passport services for Indian citizens under the PSP project is It is free to be accessed by any individual at any point of time and apply for new passport or resolve for passport grievances.  Through this web portal of PSP, one can easily make a new user account with PSP. For existing account holders, one can log into the existing accounts to get efficient and speedy passport services. After applying for passport, one can also track the application status of the passport or can check the availability of appointment date and book the same to the PSK.

Benefits of new Passport Seva Project

After full digitalization of the passport process for the benefit of general public, the Govt. has seen a great revolution in this particular department. As per latest data from the Ministry, nearly 50 thousand citizens of India get passport services per day in the country. This has resulted a steep rise in the number of new passport applications received, after the successful implementation of the PSP. Making the entire process digitalized has also made the procedure transparent as the applicants get one to one appointment with the passport officer in the PSK and correct biometric and other particulars are captured. The waiting time to get a passport in hand has also reduced very sharply. The citizens can not only get passport services through computers, but also through their phones. A dedicated mobile application to provide passport services has been functional.

Further innovations and necessary steps taken under the Passport Seva Project

The Ministry is thinking of adding more PSKs in near future to give far better passport service to the citizens. The PSP has set up a dedicated call centre which is open 24×7. One can get any passport related information from there. A total of 17 Indian languages are included in the call centre. Another important step taken by the Govt. is the sending of periodic status of passport, already under process, to the applicants’ registered mobile number, through SMS. Several dedicated centres named CSCs have been already being opened particularly in the villages, where there is an existing digital divide among citizens, to give them digital assistance for applying for new passports. A total of one lakh such CSCs have been opened and more are upcoming.

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