The facts about Central’s approval of 1601 crore for skill development in Kashmir

The facts about Central’s approval of 1601 crore for skill development in Kashmir

Well, now that we are aware about the chaotic conditions prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir for quite a long period of time, this is one of the best steps taken up by the central government for the betterment of the condition of Kashmir. A lot of people didn’t have any option to continue studies or work for a living from certain social skills; we are hoping that this step will create the bridge between the people of Kashmir and the central government of India. Now that being said, what is exactly the plan for social skills development program? Check it out here?

  • The program details

Speaking of the details of the program, it has been stated that the youths shall be trained in different types of vocational courses. Thus, creating opportunities for them in future to attain a good job and steady career. Considering the scenario, the people of Kashmir, especially the unemployed youths are brainwashed by several organizations and terror groups to involve in anti-social activities. And they are forced to involve in such crimes due to unemployment and poverty. But with such skills and development program, it will help the graduates and similar other youths, to get involved in activities to make their career a better one.

Within the reformatted Himayat program, it was stated by JK rural development program that more than 1Lakh youths shall be provided with such vocational trainings that are solely job oriented. And this will be finalized within the next 3 years. The proposal for implementation of this scheme has been already executed and invitations are sent online through the DDU-GYK National Mission Management Unit.

  • Beneficial effects of the program

This is one of the biggest opportunities for the eradication of unemployment from our country, at least to some extent. The vocational courses shall be divided in certain time period over the next three years. The time frame shall include the division in six months, nine months and one year of job oriented training within both residential and non residential courses. The training shall be done by the aspirants of the designated Project Implementation Agencies (PIAs).

  • Selection of Agencies to execute this project

The selection of PIA’s shall be done from the state level project’s appraisal committee. There will be the involvement of National Institute of Rural Development and also the DDU-GYK. The state is primarily focussing on formatting the Himayat Mission Management within which the JKSRLM shall oversee the project execution.

SL NO Facts of the project Brief details
1. Provision for male 1000 youths shall be surely placed outside the country.
2. Provision for female A total of 40000 female placements will be covered.
3. The funding process According to the ministry, the finding for training shall be done only after the candidates are placed successfully.
4. Placement sectors for youth Sales, IT, Customer service and Hospitality. Youths of both rural and urban areas shall be placed.
5. Ministry budget The ministry is going to spend 10-15% of the budget for creating a pool of job.

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