BJP’s Plan to Lure the “Dalits” of UP in 2019 Elections

BJP’s Plan to Lure the “Dalits” of UP

BJP doesn’t want to take any chance on Uttar Pradesh after disastrous results of Bihar elections. As 2017 Assembly elections are approaching, BJP workers are receiving detailed directives on how to increase party strength in state, and one of the key directive that has been issued to them is connecting with the Dalits of state on a ground-level.

BJP is well aware of the fact that UP’s Dalit votebank, which has a history of rallying behind BSP, may emerge as a major weak point for party in upcoming elections too. So it has decided to fix that loophole as soon as possible, and in order to do so it’ll be celebrating this year’s Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti in a grand manner with a series of events aimed at the welfare of Dalits in UP. The Scheduled Caste Morcha (SC Morcha) of party has been instructed to ensure that each party worker faciliates at least 50 Dalit family members in taking advantage of various Central Government schemes like Sukanya samridhi, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Mudra Bank loan scheme and Pension scheme.

In a recent meeting of SC Morcha party leadership instructed workers to hold several events up to regional unit levels between December 6 (death anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar) and April 14 (birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar). During these functions party will talk about the thoughts and ideologies of Dr. Ambedkar, who is seen an icon by Dalit population of India. Camps will be organized during each events to enroll Dalits into various Central Government schemes being run for their benefit.

SC Morcha’s state president Mr. Gautam Chaudhary said that all schemes being run in the interest of Dalits will be popularized during this period to ensure BJP’s victory in upcoming elections. The objective of these initiatives will be to increase the connectivity of party with Dalits on ground-level, and for that purpose party workers will also move door-to-door to identify Dalit families that can benefit from government’s schemes. Finally in the month of April a huge convention will be organized in Lucknow to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar.

So in next 5 months BJP will try to do everything possible to lure the Dalit voters of UP. Now it’ll be interesting to see that how successful it remains in doing so, which will become clear only after elections in 2017. But one thing is clear right now: Next elections may change the face of UP’s politics for many several decades coming ahead.

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