Ayushman Bharat Yojana Registration Application Form

Registration Ayushman Bharat Yojana Program (selected family name, Modicare Rs 5 Lakh Heath Insurance Scheme) [Application Form] , Secc 2011

Health and well being of the common people has always been a major concern for the central government. Health insurance policies, for the needy and poor are nothing new. This year too, the Union Budget had a special health related announcement. The name of the scheme is Ayushman Bharat Program. It has been also named the Modicare or Namocare scheme. Once this program is launched, it will only complement the previous health related insurance scheme.

Launch details of Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Name of the scheme Ayushman Bharat Program
Date of announcement 1st February 2018
Announced by FM Arun Jaitley
Date of launch 15th August 2018 or 2nd October 2018
Target beneficiaries 10 Crore Indian families
Contact details 1800 – 180 – 1104

Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Key features of the scheme

  1. Provide proper health insurance facilities – The main objective of the central government behind the announcement of this new medical insurance scheme is to develop the medical foundation of the nation. It will assist poor people to get proper medical facilities, at cashless basis.
  2. Total number of beneficiaries – As estimated, the government will offer this facility to around 10 crore nationals. One insurance policy will cater to the needs of the entire family. So, it seeks to safeguard the health related financial requirements of around 50 crore individuals.
  3. Maximum family members to be catered to – For the first time, the central government has offered an insurance policy that will be able to cover medical needs of the entire family with one policy. As per the initial details, one policy will cover at the most 5 family members.
  4. Total insurance amount – Under this policy, each registered beneficiary will be able to acquire a health insurance of 5 lakhs on a yearly basis.
  5. Renewal period – If the policy holders desire to keep getting the benefits of this scheme, they need to renew it with the specific premium on an annual basis.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. Poor and underprivileged individuals only – All individuals who do not have either any medical insurance or the financial capability to meet the expenses of any critical treatment, then he/she will be allowed to get this special financial benefit.
  2. No limit to family member number – Though the government states that each insurance policy will provide the benefits to around five members from each family, it also states that one policy will cover all members. The committee is still working on the final details.
  3. SECC 2011 data – Only those individuals who have their names registered in the SECC 2011 list, will be allowed to get the health insurance.
  4. Aadhar card is a must – Another aptness for this scheme is that each policy holder needs to possess the unique identification code. The Aadhar card must be linked with other family members. If the person does not have this pass, then he/she will not be able to get the benefits.

What is SECC-2011 and how to check it?

SECC is a special category in the census structure. It stands for Social-economic caste census, and it is the responsibility of the census department to collect and record the data. Based on these details, the central government designs and develops its welfare schemes. It is mentioned in the draft of this new health insurance scheme that only those candidate will be able to get the benefits of the program if their names appear in the SECC 2011 data list. All interested candidates need to check the official website of National Informatics Center or the NIC department. To get to the page, you can click on the link In case the name of any candidate does not appear in the list, he/she needs to get in touch with the respective authority.

Important documents required

As of now, the central government has not published the list of legal documents, which each policy holder needs to present, during the registration. But one thing is certain; they need to have authorized bank account that is linked with the Aadhar card properly. The money will be sent directly to the bank account of the policy holder. The interested candidates need to hold special certificate that will highlight that they fall in the special category. Apart from this, other common documents like age proof, family structure, contact details, identification details etc must be submitted as well.

Premium details of the scheme

The new health scheme will provide financial assistance to the needy and poor people of the nation. It is a type of insurance policy, and though the government will pay greater part of the expenditure, each insurance holder will have to register under the program. To register for this scheme, interested candidates need to pay a premium of Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1200. By paying this fee, the insurance holder will be able to guarantee a medical insurance for the entire family. Each insurance holder needs to pay the premium on a yearly basis.

Extra health cess

It is not an easy task for the central government to come up with a health program that aims at providing financial assistance, in from of health coverage, to as many poor and needy people as possible. A huge sum of money is needed for successful operation of this scheme. To tackle this mammoth expense, the Finance Minister has announced that a new tax will be levied on the tax payers from 2018. It is a health cess and with be charged at 1%. The central government estimates that the health cess will be able to generate annual revenue of Rs. 11,000 crores. All individuals, who come under the tax structure, will have to pay this cess from 2018 onwards.

Implementation process of the scheme

As per the information that the central authorities have already published, it is clear that this elaborate scheme will require three distinct phases for implementation. The primary implementation phase will start right after the official launch of the program. During this time, the central authority will provide funds to allow the successful completion of around 50% of all coverage. For this, the central government will have to set up a fund that must contain around 5000 to 6000 crores. As of now, not much detail has been shared by the respective authority. It will happen once the program is launched.

Registration process of the scheme

The official launch of this scheme has been announced in 2018 itself. So, the government has not yet decided anything about the registration procedure. The responsible committee is already working on this, and it will soon publish all related details in the authorized site of the central government.

Health Wellness center under the scheme

For the better performance of this scheme, the selected health care centers and hospitals, in each state, will perform the task of Health Wellness Centers. As per the program, the central government will take care to develop and operate around 1.5 lakh such centers all over the nation. For the establishment of these centers, the central government will have to shell out around 1200 crores.

Budget 2018 allocations

  1. The elaborate scheme will require a huge sum to provide financial coverage to registered policy holders. An estimate shows that each year, the central authority will have to shell out 10,000 to 20,000 crores each year.
  2. The finance department states that the central authority has already kept aside around 2000 crores, which are to be spent towards the implementation of this scheme during 2018 – 2019. An additional 11,000 crores will be provided through health cess collection.
  3. Apart from the central authority, each state will do its part in contributing towards the payment of the premium. In case the states decide to take part in this scheme, the state government must make payment to meet 50% monetary need for the insurance premiums.



Application Form

This scheme is yet not started, it is assumed to be started on 15th Aug or 2nd Oct.  CLick on this link to gen an updated in formation about modicare application form.


There will be a lot of jobs generated in the name of Ayushman Mitr under this scheme.

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