Ayushman Bharat Yojana Registration Application Form


Registration Jan Arogya Yojana – Ayushman Bharat Yojana Program (selected family name, Modicare Rs 5 Lakh Heath Insurance Scheme) [Application Form] , Secc 2011

The Jan Arogya Yojana – Ayushman Bharat  is one of the best health insurance schemes that have been launched by Prime Minister. It can be regarded as one of the significant schemes that would help the families get easy medical facilities in various states.

The beneficiaries would be selected on the basis of SES or Sociology Economic Survey that includes 444 districts in more than 30 states as of 2011. The individual who is listed under this list of beneficiaries would be eligible to avail the benefits of this health scheme. It would be one of the significant schemes that would be implemented in quick time. Near about 50 crores of the family would be benefitted by the scheme. The government has promised to provide health coverage of 5 lakh on a yearly basis according to the scheme. The medical facility would be availed from both government and private hospitals that would be empanelled under this scheme.

Launch details of Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Name of the scheme Jan Arogya Yojana – Ayushman Bharat
Date of announcement February 2018
Announced by FM Arun Jaitley
Date of launch September 2018
Target beneficiaries 10 Crore Indian families
Contact details 1800 – 180 – 1104
Website https://www.modicareinsurancescheme.com/amp/

Ayushman Bharat Yojana

What are the key specifications of the scheme?

  • Provide easy health facilities – People often face a critical situation, and according to reports it can be said people are not getting adequate health care benefits. This scheme would help the people the available medical facilities easily. In addition to this, people will be able to avail free facility pertaining to any health-related issues.
  • Renewal of the insurance amount –The insurance plan has been designed in such a way that individuals do not need to renew the insurance. They can avail up to 5 lakh every year.
  • How much monetary support would be provided – Beneficiaries under this scheme will be able to avail various health service facilities up to 5 million. This facility would be available for every year.
  • Beneficiaries for the scheme – It has been stated by the government that around 10 million would be given assistance under this scheme. Also, the people who are listed under SECC-2011 data would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • Premium of the scheme – The government would be responsible for paying the premium amount on behalf of the beneficiaries. The people availing the benefits of the scheme need not worry about the premium money of the scheme.
  • Assistance from Ayushman Mitra – Ayushman Mitra’s health assistance would help the individual to provide information and get the facilities under the scheme. Further, Ayushman Mitra would help the individuals to get proper treatment under the scheme. One person from the empanelled hospitals would be eligible to work as the Ayushman friend who would be given appropriate training so that he can help the beneficiaries. In this due course of the application procedure, the Ayushman Mitra would help the person and provide them with the necessary information.
  • Benefits could be availed only through selected hospitals – The person can take advantage in any of the government hospitals to take help. In addition to this, private hospitals are also listed under the schemes. People would be able to take help from the empanelled hospitals without any charge.
  • Payment for the health benefits –The health benefits would be given free of money, and it would be paid by the government on behalf of the beneficiaries. The money would be given by the government to the health insurance companies.
  • Helpline number –For any assistance, people can call 14555 toll-free numbers. It has been set up after the launching of the scheme. In addition to this, information can also be collected from CSC center. Further, it can be expected that workers and Anganwadi workers would help to give information to the beneficiaries. It would also help the beneficiaries to take hands-on the information at any point of time.

Eligibility to apply for the scheme

  • The person who would be listed in the SECC 2011 data list would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme. No separate procedure is needed to include your name in the list of the SECC 2011 data list.
  • There is no age limit to avail the benefits of the scheme. It would help from child to old age to take advantage of the scheme.
  • Any number of family members can avail the benefits of the scheme. Whatever be the size of the family, they would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • The family which are included in the BPL card would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme. The people who belong to the BPL level would be able to get the benefits of the scheme without paying any money for the same.

Registration procedure

There is no such procedure to join the list of the beneficiaries to avail the benefits of the scheme. The government would choose the ones who are included in the list of beneficiaries under SECC-2011 data list. The person who is listed in the beneficiary list would be given a card from the government through which they would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme. Though, it has not yet been confirmed how the letter for the beneficiaries would be delivered to them. As soon as the information is revealed, it would be sent to the concerned person such that they can get the required information easily.

Implementation Procedure

In order to join the list of the beneficiaries, there is no need for the nomination. The beneficiaries, who are included in SECC-20111, would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme. As soon as the information comes out, you would be the first one to know about the same. Some procedures are elaborated in the following parts of the article that would be involved if you avail the benefits of the scheme.

  • The person who seeks help from the scheme will have to contact the government hospital in their area or private hospital. They should make sure that the hospital they visit has been registered with the scheme. If the person wants to know any information pertaining to the scheme, they should feel free to approach Ayushman who has been appointed to help the beneficiaries.
  • The concerned hospital administration is responsible to let the person know whether they are registered with the scheme or not. The person can then avail the scheme. In addition to this, the identity of the person is also checked by the hospital authority to make sure that they are eligible to take the benefits of the scheme or not.
  • The medical package would be declared by the hospital management that has been decided by the government. They would check the necessary balance and carry on with the necessary documentation such that the individual is able to avail the benefits of the scheme easily.
  • After the individual avail the benefits under the scheme, the discharge procedure would start smoothly by the hospital authority after the recovery of the patient.
  • After this, it is the responsibility of the hospital management to submit the necessary details of the patient and treatment details to the government such that the government makes the necessary payments on behalf of the patient.
  • In addition, the electronic bill and feedback should also be submitted, and then only the hospital would receive the required feedback of the service provided.

How to search for the beneficiaries?

The beneficiaries under this scheme would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme. They should ensure that their name is included in the list of the beneficiaries. Some of the steps mentioned below would help the beneficiaries to search for their in the list of the beneficiaries.

  • To check the name of the beneficiary, the person has been check through the official portal.
  • You have to enter the registered mobile number, and you would receive the one time password to access the official website further.
  • Following this, you will have to provide the one time password and click on the submit button. After this, a page would open up where you would be able to search for your name under the list of the beneficiaries.

Three ways to search for the list of beneficiaries

  1. Search by name  
  • After visiting the page of the beneficiaries, you will have to choose the name of the state from the drop-down list.
  • Following this, you will have to enter parent’s name, the name of the beneficiary, along with age and district name and village name and zip code of the place.
  • After filling all the details, click on the search button and it will give the required results.
  1. Search via the telephone number or ration card
  • The concerned person can also look for the name under the beneficiary list with the help of the registered mobile number. After entering the state name from the drop-down list, click on the search button after entering the mobile number or the ration card.
  • Following this click on the search button, and the verification would be highlighted in the site after the proper comes up.
  1. Get access to the list of beneficiaries via RSBY code
  • A person registered with national health insurance scheme would be able to avail the benefits of the scheme easily.
  • The RSBY beneficiaries will be provided with the unique code, and it would help them for further tracking. With the help of the RSBY code, the details of the beneficiary could be easily found out.
  • AS soon as you enter RSBY code, the details of the beneficiary would be provided.

Which hospitals are listed under the scheme?

The state government hospitals in which the scheme has been implemented would be responsible for providing health facilities to the patients. Along with the listed government hospitals, some of the private hospitals have also been included in the name of the hospitals which are supposed to help the beneficiaries. The hospitals need to be registered under this scheme in order to provide help to the patients. Apart from being one of the significant health plans to be implemented in India, it is one of the plans which is implemented in a fast time making it helpful for the people.

This medical scheme has been implemented in collaboration with the national health system. It is definitely one of the largest medical schemes in India that is sure to take care of thousands of people across many states. With the help of this scheme, people can easily get hands on the medical facilities. In addition to this, they would be able to access any required information quickly from the official portal. They can also obtain the information from the Ayushman Mitra who has been put in charge of the scheme. They would also be responsible for helping the beneficiaries throughout the application process of the scheme. In case, the beneficiaries are unable to fill in the application, it is the duty of the Ayushman Mitra to help the person complete the process easily.



Application Form

This scheme is yet not started, it is assumed to be started on 15th Aug or 2nd Oct.  CLick on this link to gen an updated in formation about modicare application form.


There will be a lot of jobs generated in the name of Ayushman Mitr under this scheme.

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