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Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana | Account | Scheme | Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

The Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is as girl child prosperity scheme under Beti Bachao Beti padhao program of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. SSY account is to ensure a bright future for girl children in India. This yojana is to facilitate them proper education and carefree marriage expenses.  The scheme has well been accepted by the masses in wake of the financial security and independence it would provide to the girl child as well as their parents and guardians.

This Yojana offers a small deposit investment for the girl children as an initiative under ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign.  One of the key benefits of the scheme is that it is quite affordable and offers one of the highest rates of interest. Please see this page for current SSY interest rate and also SSY is under the Income tax Act 1961, section 80C.

Updated Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Rules 2016

  • You can now open SSY for your adopted girl child
  • You can deposit Money Online.
  • Girl Child can also deposit amount
  • Interest Rate would be calculated on 10th Day of every month. Initially it was 5th day of the month
  • You will now have to deposit Money for 15 years. Initially it was 14 years.
  • Partial withdrawal for girl child education can be done when she has cleared 10th Class or turned 18 years.
  • Account will not earn any interest after it has matured
  • Now can now transfer you SSY accounts. If you would do from post office to post office it would be free. But transfer from Post office to banks or vice versa would cost you rs 100 and you can do this only once in a year.
  • You can get the duplicate passbook at the cost of rs 50
  • You can now withdraw 100% amount when after girl child turns 18. Initially it was not allowed.

Key Pointers

  • Till a girl attains an age of 10 years, this account can be opened under her name
  • Only one account under this scheme is permissible for every girl child
  • Walk into any post office or authorized banks to open the account
  • To open an account under SSAY, Birth Certificate of the girl child would be required to submit
  • The opening amount for the account is Rs 1,000. Thereafter a multiple of Rs 100 can be deposited to the account with a minimum of Rs 1,000 per year
  • The maximum limit for deposits in the account is Rs 1,50,000 per year
  • You have to pay in this scheme for 14 years. You have to pay in this scheme for 15 Year.  Suppose you have opened this account when the age of your girl child was X years then you have to pay in this scheme till your girl child age is X + 14 Years X + 15 Year.
  • The maturity duration of the account is 21 years from the date of opening the account.
  • SSY Account is transferable to anywhere in India from a Post office or bank to others

The scheme comes from Ministry of Finance under its notification GSR 863(E).  This notification was published on 02nd December 2014.  The scheme will operate with the name Sukanya Samriddhi Account Rules, 2014.

Please Read more on Key Features

Who would be the Depositor?

Since this is an account dedicated to the girl child, a parent or guardian of the girl child could be depositor of the account.


Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account

Age limit.

Any legal guardian or parents of a girl child can open SSY Account under this scheme anytime at the time of birth of the child till she attains an age of ten years.  As a matter of exception, any girl who attained an age of ten years within one year prior to announcement of this scheme would also be entitled to get this account opened under her name.

Documents required

The process of opening a SSY is quite simple and not much documentation is required in normal cases.  Here is a list of document a parent or guardian needs to take along when applying for an account under the scheme:

  • Certificate of Birth of the Girl child
  • Proof of Address of parents/guardians
  • Proof of identity of the parents/guardian

So, in all, you need just three basic documents and Account would be opened for your girl child. Please read more for Documents Required

Where to open

The government have authorized various financial institutions for opening of account under this scheme. You can open SSY accounts in these Authorized Banks and Post Office.

Can Account holder choose not to close account after maturity

The normal tenure of the account is up to the age of 21 years of the girl.  However, if she wishes to continue the account further, the maturity amount would grow at the same interest rate as per the scheme’s current rates.  The interest would be compounded on a monthly/yearly basis and would get credited to the account once the girl reaches an age of 14 years You will  Now not get any interest after the maturity Period as per updated rules.

Who is authorized to operate Sukanya Samriddhi Account?

As mentioned earlier in the article, the account could be opened by the parents of legal guardian of the girl child.  They would be operating the account until the girl child turns 10 years.  After 10 years, a girl child may operate her own account, if she chooses to.

Pre-Mature Withdrawal and Account Transfer in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

SSY has been launched across India and hence the account is transferable to any part of the country in situation of the account holder or the depositor moving to other places.

The scheme clearly envisages that a pre-mature amount of up to 50% is allowed for withdrawal after the account holder turns 18 year for the requirement of either marriage or higher education.

In case of marriage of the account holder after 18 years, the operation of the account may not be possible and hence this scheme offers closure of the account after marriage of the account holder.  In that case, an affidavit and relevant proof would be require stating that the girl is above 18 year of age and has been married after that. Read More for Withdrawal Rules

Updated :- Now this account be be closed after girl child turns 18.

Tax Benefits

Any amount that would be deposited in Sukanya Samriddhi Account would be exempted from tax under 80C of IT Act, 1961, till a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh.  The interest and maturity amount on this account is also exempted from income tax. Also the amount matured at the time to account closure would be completely tax free.

Please read more on SSY Tax Benefits

Advantages and Benefits

  • High and best in market fixed interest rates
  • Full tax benefits under 80C of Income Tax act
  • Maturity amount to be given directly to the girl child
  • Interest would be paid even after maturity of the account, if it is not closed by the account holder or depositor
  • No fixed number of deposits. The depositor can deposit a multiple of Rs 100 through out the year, with no limitation on number of deposits.  This is indeed a big advantage of the scheme.
  • Account can be transferred anywhere in India
  • Girl child / Account holder may operate her account, if she wishes to. This would give a lot of financial independence to the girl child as well.

Please read more on SSA Benefits

Shortcomings or Drawbacks 

  • Lock in period is a little on higher side
  • The account is limited for just two girl child of the parents
  • The scheme does not facilitate online transfer facility and that would be a discomfort for the IT savvy customers
  • No surety account the Rate of Interest in future

Please read more on Drawbacks of SSA

To conclude, the intent of the scheme is quite noble and would certainly provide a lot of financial independence to the girl child as well as their parents and guardians.  At the same time, considering the leverages and flexibilities it provides, we are sure that it would bring a lot of capital to the banks.  The only thing we would not be sure of as of now is how this scheme would be taken by the forthcoming budgets and government at the center.

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana in Tabular Format

Basic Information on SSY
Parameter Feature Additional Conditions
Target Audience Girl Child Only
Citizenship of Target Audience Indian
Age of Target Audience 10 years or less
Account Opening Charges INR 1,000
Future Deposit Amounts Multiples of INR 100
Maximum Deposit Allowed in a Year INR 150,000
Deposit Failure Penalty Account will become inactive Account reactivation charge of INR 50 along with minimum deposit amount for the financial year.
Total Tenure of SSY Account Until the account attains the age of 21 from the date on which the account was created.
Maximum Number of Years for Which Money Deposit is Allowed 15 years from the day when the account was opened.
Maximum Number of Accounts Allowed 1 account per girl child and no more than 2 accounts in a single family. If the first birth gives two girl children and second birth gives 1 girl child, 3 accounts are allowed. Also if the first birth gives triplet (all three are girls), 3 accounts are allowed.
Money Deposit Mode Internet banking online transfer, bank to bank transfer, DD, check deposit or cash deposit.
Account Opener Parents or legal guardian of the girl child.
Document Requirements Birth certificate of the girl child + address and identity proofs of parents or legal guardian
Account Operation Rights Until the girl child attains the age of 10, parents or legal guardians will operate and thereafter, the girl gets the right to operate but parents or legal guardians can also continue to operate the account.
Offered Interest Please see this table
Account Closure If depositor dies or under special circumstances authorized by Central government. Or when Girl child Completes 18 years.
Tax Benefits EEE under 80C Investment, interest earnings and withdrawals are all exempted.
Premature Withdrawal 50% of account balance of previous fiscal year in year when girl becomes adult. Purpose can be only educational and marriage expenses.
Upon Marriage Account to be closed permanently
Upon Maturity Account will not earn any interest.

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  1. modi sukanya yojana is most popular . Modi Sarkar is the best
    and his all yojana in progress wish u all the best

    • I have opened sukanya samriddhi Yojana a/c for my daughter to my nearest post office address is Anna nagar east 102.
      now i lost my pass book and i don’t know my a/c too. kindly help me to get new passbook and now i need to submit my investment proof too not sure how i can go ahead, awaiting for your positive repy regarding the same

    • I just start this scheme i want to confirm about after death of parent it will be continue or no, or whom will deposit the money after death of parents

    • what is the cancellation process of sukanya samruddu yojana plan… because my father take policy to my uncles daughter as a guardian. unfortunately my father was expired. so iam not interested to continue..

  2. Its a gift from Our PM …but situation is still the same after 4 months ??? given bank name’s response is pathetic…they look at you as you are talking something they have never heard ..
    I my self visited many banks including big names as SBI, IDBI, ICICI but no response. leaving in metro, finding post office going there physically as & when you need to deposit an amount is a nightmare for a service man.

    the scheme really required some amendments.


    • sir,
      is it mandatory to appear the parent in person at the time of opening the account?

      whether the account to be opened at the place where the person living i.e as per the address proof?

    • Namskar, Shree Modiji, I like do thi new launch yojana, really I appreciate. People chose to Indian Pradhan Mantary. Happy Indian and Happy All my Indian loving people. Administration is very nice and strong. Apara Desh ne Tamara jeva Pradhan Mantary ni jarur hati ne hamesha rehavi jove…….Bharat Mata ki jai..,.

  3. Dear Team ,

    My Daughter Date of Birth is 24 January 2004 . Can I use SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI ACCCOUNT .
    Please suggest.


  4. yes she can open SSA account

  5. no currently this is not available.

  6. I want to open ssa account for my daughter. I am living in laxmi Nagar Delhi 110092 and visited many banks for the same but the don’t have any updates. Can any body suggest me in which public bank this scheme is started?

  7. good scheme but of no use as same not available in banks yet. how long do we have to wait for d scheme to come in banks. Is it that our PM after announcing d scheme has forgot and busy in traveling.

  8. have tried getting form from uco , syndicate bank .. but didnt get it .. they still havent heard the name of s.s.a .. if r.b.i has authorized them to open account since last two months than why arent they giving it ?

    • Sukanya Samriddhi scheme is some how taking time to get in place in the banks. You might have to wait for some time.

  9. I have personally verified from post office. It cannot be opened jointly. This is the biggest drawback of the scheme.

  10. Dear friends
    There is nothing to worry about opening an account for sukanya yojana.
    Just dial ICICI Bank near to your Home.Representative of the bank will reach your home and they provide all help to open an account.
    SBI is not interested in such CHOTTA accounts.
    And ICICI is well aware that such crores of such CHOTTA account will bring Thousands of Crore to their bank.
    All our public sector institutions like BSNL now stands for some one other than Indian public.

  11. Hello,

    I have one concern in case of PPF guardian parent & child PPF consider as one for calculating maximum deposit of 150000/-.

    Does this also added in this 150000/- limit.

    guardian father PPF+child PPF+SSA=150000/-.

    Please confirm!


    • Dinesh,
      you are little bit confused. Limit for 80c is 1.5 Lakhs in case of PPF (Both parents + Child). But both Parent (Guardian) can individually invest Rs 1.5 separately . Same applies with PPF + SSA

      • I have already opened SSY account for my child and deposited 1.2 Lakh in the account.

        1. Can my wife open another account and deposit equivalent amount for her IncomeTax purpose ??
        2. My father also wants to contribute to her future-planning, but is he eligible for tax claims ??

        Thank you so much.

  12. Thanks Mr PM for giving us this scheme which would set off the concern from the find.
    As I was going through various comments, I also found still many banks are not aware about the process. I approached by Union Bank of India branch , they said they dont have facility to open SSY account. Then I went to State bank, it took a bit of time and that too with approaching to bank manager. Moreover if you dont have savings accounts at State bank, they would ask you to open the same. In case if you already have and in their CIF , if your PAN card is registered then you ( Guardian) has to give another ID proof as under same ID, 2 accounts cant be open is SBI. Sometimes its too crazy in PSU but not have many options at present scheme can be open in PSU banks only.

  13. My daughter age is 7 yrs.I have already open will mature at the age 28 yrs of my daughter.I just wanted to know that if my daughter marriage will be held before 28 yrs of age then what amount shall i get? is that the total maturity amount or calculated upto that year.please let me confirm.

  14. Sir,
    I have visited most of the banks, Surprisingly none of the banks in DIMAPUR (NAGALAND) have any form or have any idea of the scheme.
    The same may be the case in the rest of INDIA…………..

  15. Last date to apply…

  16. Hi,
    I started SSA in State Bank of India.
    How to check already deposited SSA amount through online?
    Where can I find that paid amount?
    Is there any website separately to check the amount?

    • i will let you know in soon about the details in clear. You need to have SBI savings a/c netbanking and you have to link the SSY to it thats it. and ofcourse you can check the balance at SBI branch by showing your pass book.

  17. Sir,

    Can you any one can please help me i am having twin girls and i had opened a SSA in Bangalore Post Office but i have not given original names to my children me and my parents suggested some name but we want to change their names after one year can any one suggest us how to change their names from SSA

    • Did you contacted the post office officials?
      i know in one case who transferred the SSA a/c from Post-office to SBI has changed the DOB which was entered wrong at the time of opening at post-office.
      He brought original DOB certificate and corrected the wrongly printed DOB on pass book, and taken the new passbook which is in the style of SBI SAVINGS a/c passbook instead of SSY book. Try

    • Sir,

      I paid 40000 in first year but not capable to pay again more 10000 what i do , is thare any limit

  18. MY DAUGHTER BIRT DATE IS 11/07/2005

  19. I am agree with the comments of Depanjan Sengupta

  20. Sir I want to know any buddy say me when I will be deposit one thousand per year then my daughter will get 600000 after her 21st year is that right or wrong……????

  21. Am confused between mutual fund and ssy. As in 20 year run you can expect a good roi than the ssy.
    Please suggest

    • it depends on your risk appetite. SSY is a guarantee Mutual funds are not. Decision is yours.

  22. ssy scheme is too good specialy for girl whose person who know about MF & who have little earning like middile and lower class SSY scheme very good.
    Thanks to Modi ji, and All person who knows about this scheme clarify and motivate to open the account in Bank or Post Office and form can be download from Internet.

  23. I have birth certificate of my daughter in which her name is not mentioned, but parents name and date of birth and place of birth is mentioned. I also have certificate/photo identity card from school. Now Punjab national bank is asking to give name on birth certificate. But at the time of birth of my daughter , name was not mentioning on birth certificate in Uttar Pradesh. Please help to open the account. I am trying to open the sukanya account since last 4 months.

  24. I have opened an ssa in the post office having deposited Rs 1000. The post master has told me I have to deposite Rs 1000 per year for 14 yr as my child is now 6yr old. Then my child will be able to get Rs 500000 on maturity. Is it possible ? Actually how much and how many times I have to pay as premium in a year to get Rs 500000 on maturity ?

    • If you would deposit rs 1000 per year for 14 year then at the time of maturity i mean after 21 years you will get around rs 50 thousand and not 5 lakhs. If you would deposit rs 12000 per year for 14 years then after 21 years you will get around rs 6 lakhs.

  25. I have two daughters .first was born on September, 05, 2003 and the other was born on April,05, 2005. Can I open SSY in their names?

    • your first daughter have crossed the eligibility. You can open PPF account for her and your younger one can enjoy SSA

  26. Hi

    Will the amount received at the time of maturity be TAXABLE.
    As in PPF the maturity amount is not taxable.

    What are the conditions at that time.


  27. Hi Sir

    I have opened a PPF account under my name and investing 150000 every year. Interest is tax free on this investment. if I open this SSA account for my daughter, is interest on SSA deposit will be clubbed in my income OR it would be tax free?

  28. I have opened SSA in post office. Can I transfer my amount through my iob netbanking?

    • Post Office does not offer this facility.

    • First you can transfer the SSY a/c to BANK then you can do online payment / cash deposit as you wish.
      its good to transfer as per my concern. Contact post-office to transfer your a/c.

  29. I have opened SSAJ in post office for my younger daughter with myself the co-account holder.Can I transfer it to my wife so that she gets the tax benefit.

    • you should be able to do this. But i am not sure about the process. It would be great if you could let us know the process for future users.


  30. Can anyone say how to deposit cash for SSY ?
    Because we HARDLY opened account of SSY in BOI but bank executives stil are confused and cant say properly how to deposit cash.

  31. Have few doubts. Already opened an SSA a/c in SBI bank & transferring amounts in it through online banking. Want to know if someone can deposit the entire 1.5 lac in one month. If so, whether interest will be calculated for the entire amount throughout the year? Secondly If one tries to deposit more than 1.5 lac in same year, whether system will allow. If it is possible, guess no interest will get calculated for the additional amount.

    • Yes you can deposit rs 1.5 lakhs in a shot. Yes interest would be calculated for entire amount throughout the year. Yes system will allow you to pay more then rs 1.5 lakhs a year. But you wont get the interest on the surplus money.

  32. May we deposit varied amount in account for different year.(min 12000 per yr and max 1.5 Lacs per yr)
    e.g. 1st year-12000
    2nd year-50,0003rd year-30000 and so on……….?

    plz let em know

    • Yes you can choose the amount that you want to deposit each financial year.You can also deposit money in any denomination for any number of times. The only constraint is the first deposit to every financial year should be at least rs 1000 and total contibution should not exceed rs 1.5 lakhs.

  33. In this scheme a depositor have to deposit upto 14 years and maturity period of this scheme is 21 years from the date of opening of account. But in the mean time if the girl child get married. The account will be closed after marriage.

    • at the time of marriage you have the option of closing the account. If you want you can continue.

  34. Today i opened my daughter’s SSA account in Post office. In birth certificate her name is Km. Shiya but in her school and aadhaar card and other record her name is Shyamla. my question is will it creat a problem at the time of claiming the amount? will it create problem in claiming tex benefits?

  35. If I want to open one another SSA account in another bank or post office with the correction in her birth certificate Will I GET THE 1000 rupees back that i deposited today while opening account?

  36. I have a litle doubt regarding the maturity age….the maturity age 21yrs is for whom. Is it when the girls attains the age of 21 or the policy runs for 21 yrs. Please suggest


  37. totally agree with Mr Patil. we are unable to deposit via e-transfer.

    • we have enrolled our 2 daughters to this scheme in SBI, bangalore without any hickups and also started paying through internet every month.

      Infact we have taken the online internet banking/checking of the accounts from the bank, we check the account on regular basis.

      • Hi Guys,

        You all are right. However, just to update you it has now started in SBI and I believe it’s there in ICICI bank as well. You can try any of those two to get things started..

      • Hi Chetan,

        I need one more info in this regard. Lets say if both the parents deposit 50K each, can both of them show the amount in 80C . If they do it online, what proof we get to show it later.

        Thanks in Advance,

  38. Mr Dilip ji mai aap ki bat se sahmat hoon ye jaruri hai …….

  39. No doubt this is the best scheme for girl child but i afraid of two things one no surety of rate of interest and independence of operation by girlchild ,it should alongwith father this will secure the future of child

  40. My daughter was born on date 10/12/2004.can i open SSY account.

  41. Do we know if there is any tax on the withdrawal amount at the end of maturity period?

  42. Can the girl child withdrawn an amount before 18 years old

  43. Online Transfer can be done in SSA like any other Bank Account ( Tried in SBI, it works)

  44. Can my daughter use this money after the schemes completes 21 years for her personal use or this has to be used for education and marriage purpose only?

  45. Dear Friend , I have 3 Daughters ( Elder 8 Years , and 2 twin daughters aged 3 ) . My questions are

    1) Can I Deposit 1.5 Lacs each ie Rs 4.5 Lacs and if yes will the total interest credited to my daughter’s account will not carry any tax liablity

    2) Can my wife also open an account amd deposit the amount for 1
    daughter and i deposit for rest 2 daughters .

    3) Is there any case in which the maturity amount or the interest
    accumulated or both may attract TAX .


    • 1) Yes you can deposit rs 1.5 lakhs in each account ie 4.5 lakhs in all. There will be no tax liability on all these 3 accounts at the time of maturity.
      2) Yes you can do so.
      3) This is an EEE scheme so there is no tax liability at any point.

  46. R/Sir

    I want open my account is Sukanay Samiti scheme. My Child age 7 Year and 10 year. we want deposit 1000 per month under scheme. Please give me calcuation under scheme how may year we are deposit amount and at time of maturity how much return amount.

    please give me replay as soon as


    • you will have to deposit at least rs 1 thousand rs in this account for a period of 14 years. If you would deposit rs 1000 per month for 14 years then after 21 years your daughter will get around rs 6 lakhs (@9.2%)

      • as per monthly Deposit 1000 then interest 9.2% = 1092 and 14 year amount give the calculation

        • My Daughter date of birth 29/9/2006 then i want deposit 1000 per month how much year we have deposit amount

          • you will have to deposit money for 14 years. If you have started it today then you will have to pay money till 2029. account would automatically mature in 2036.

        • if you will deposit rs 1000 per month for 14 years then after 21 years you will get around rs 6.2 lakhs (@9.2%)

  47. Can i deposit money for my brothers daughter

    • yes you can but will not get the tax benefits if you are not the official local guardian of the child.

  48. Hi, I need to get my daughter’s name updated in the SSA. Please let me know if there is any procedure/forms available to do the same. I contacted the Post Office where we opened the account. Sadly, the Post Office officials do not seem to have any information on Name Change procedure. Please help if anyone has any idea on how to go about this. Thanks!

  49. Really dis SSAY scheme is good for the parents who have girl child. In our contry till now many parents are weeping when a new girl child born in their family. Bcz they feel negetive site instead of positive. I feel very proud n happy dat i have 2 small world i.e two girl . 2 day i opend dis account in post D Post office. I care dem n guide to grow. Bcz self sustain n stand their own feet is main motoo. So they can fight/think 4 D nation as well as welfare of D women. Thanx PM sir 2 take such initiative for D girl child. From Tripura Agartala

  50. My daughter has completed 1 year in july this year.
    We dont have a specific name for her.

    Can we change the name of child later?

  51. On maturity,
    The payment will be made to girl child or depositor?

  52. If we open ssy a/c for daughter can i take passbook and we see mini stetment of a/c.

  53. Whenyou say mutual fund do remember ” Its subject to Market Risks”, if you want to leave your children’s education subject to Market risk, i think you need a financial advisor.

    • Both are correct. Higher the returns higher the risk. But its your money. Need not put it in the same basket. You can diversify & chose the options available

  54. Is this yogana available for the girl child living abroad ( NRE)?

  55. Sir
    Mene my daughter ka account khulwaya hai date-20-3-2015 ko muje sbi bank se pese direct dena hai kya karna ho , my baby dob-28-9-09 hai muje kab tak jama karn hoga & kab milega kitna me per month 1000/ jama karta hu please suggection

  56. इस योजना में अभिभावक की मृत्यु होने पर जो मासिक जमा हो रही राशी को माफ़ कर देना चाहिए अगर एसा होता तो बहुत ही सुन्दर है इस योजना का लाभ हमारे देश के ग़रीब से ग़रीब परिवार भी ले सकेंगे ।

  57. I would urge the government to allow online transfer of the funds in PO, Regards,

  58. Sir

    Can we transfer money by net banking in SSY account.

  59. On line transaction to be made for saving. So that anybody can easily transfer the saving in this account.

  60. Dear Sir/madam,
    This scheme is for girl child in India but the advertisement model doen’t look like a common Indian Girl child.Can’ we find a normal Indian girl for this ad?Isn’t it Irrelevant to have such foreign looking model which makes this scheme not so Indian type.
    It would be nice if there is some theme photo of smiling Indian girls of various age in Indian dresses doing some studies sports etc which would more encouraging and engaging for the ultimate goal of the scheme.


  61. I have open ssy account in post office. Can I get transfer that same account in sbi bank ssy??

  62. Could you please tell me that, can I apply for this scheme online? if so, please provide me the website details.

  63. Sir My Daughter birth date 12.07.2006 an i open above account in post office in date 03.03.2015

    plz tell me when is account maturity date and which money give me by the post office


  64. Non Receipt of Passbook of Sukanya Samrididdhi Account Yojna 28/04/2015 to till date

  65. Thanks Modi ji……..
    You have given a great gift to middle families.
    But please increase the interest rate.

    Narender Bhardwaj

  66. I have a doubt. My in-laws opened a sukanya samrithi account for my daughter. Is it possible that I can open a new account for my daughter.

  67. I have open ssy account in post office. Can I get transfer that same account in UCO Bank ssy and tell the procedure too??

  68. How the interest will be Compounded in this scheme?
    Is it monthly quarterly or yearly as in ppf

  69. Its really a great scheme…the best part of it is you need not to pay a fixed amount,…you cn pay as per your convenience…so thank PM ..i wish one day u will bring entire India on a level.Where everyone will be proud of you Sir.
    Wish you good would be better if you can give more pressure on people will have awareness.and people will come out of this caste system and religion.
    we dont need enemies out of India.
    We have all enemies at our home in India…Certain politicians..specially italians trying to rule our country.

  70. Hello Sir,Please suggest me in through which service i should open the Account? based on Safety,issues free & comfortable transactions?

    Post office or SBI?

    • it depends on you. I personally feel SBI is a better option just because I can deposit SSy money online.

  71. i have opened SSY accounts in the name of my two girl childs yesterday at State bank of Travancore. i am having an SB account with the same bank. i am planning to do online transfer to my children’s SSY accounts for future payments. please advise how can i view the account details of SSY accounts. will the bank issue user id and password for viewing purpose. bank officials are unable to answer this as they are not familiar with this SSY accounts. please help.

  72. My daughter, born on June 25, 2005, was declared ineligible for opening up of account under Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme at IDBI Bank, Subhash Nagar Branch, Gurgaon because she has attained the age of 10 years on 25.06.2015.

    How it is not possible for a girl child to open an account under the above said scheme who is born on 25.06.2005 and possible for a girl child born prior to her between 2 December, 2003 and 1 December, 2004 (as per RBI Notification)?

    It clearly implies that all girl child born after 2 December, 2003 are eligible for opening up of an account under the above said scheme.

    1. Could anyone pl. clarify the RBI Notification w.r.t age limit for opening up of such account.

    2. Pl. specify the birth date on / after and on / before which girl child will become eligible or ineligible?

    3. Also let me know whether my daughter is eligible for opening an account under the above said account or not.

    4. Further, is it necessary to have an account at the concerned Branch because SBI Bank, New Colony Branch is opening the said account provided I have an account at their Branch. Pl. Clarify.

    For last 2 months I am trying to find clarification w.r.t the age eligible for opening up of a/c under above said scheme. Repeated complaints through email, detailed conversation with good number of customer care executives and even bank officials at the branch itself have all fallen on deaf ears and it seems no one at IDBI is bothered or interested in resolving the issue.

    A simple & timely clarification will be highly appreciated

    • Hi Rohit,
      I am not able to find any evidence of this in the government site. Please lock an email complaint in SBI bank regarding this. Ask them for an email stating that your girl child is not eligible.

  73. Dear Sir,
    Please tell me, How can check the account status of Sukanya yojana on line?

    With Regards
    Vinod Jain

  74. This is to thank The Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji.

    This scheme is very useful to every father who cares about his daughter’s future. I too worried about my saving’s because I don’t have that habit. Once I heard about this scheme I have changed my mind & started saving for my daughter. I have started SSA account in the name of my daughter & I have my confidence that I can fulfill my daughters dream to some extent with this scheme.

    Once again I thank Mr. Narendra Modi Ji


  75. if i want deposit 1000 per month.i want withdraw money after 14 much i got after 14 year

  76. I opened 2 SSA accounts in the Union Bank of India, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar,Bangalore branch. even though they are not an authorised branch, the staff helped me open the accounts by sending the required forms to their vijaya nagar branch. the only drawback is that UBI does not have an option to pay online unlike ppf.

  77. Very Good Plan for parents of Girl Child. It will be very helpful to fight financial issue of Girls Higher Education and Their Marriage Expenditure. But both (Private and PSU) Bankers are not taking more interest for open This a/c. I think more Advertisement and Promotions are required from Government as well as Service Provider ( Schedule BANKS). Post Office is doing very good job for the same. I also opened Sukanya Samriddhi Account (through P.O.) of my daughter SANJANA SAACHI who is 9 yrs. old, And Request to all Fathers/Guardian Please open her daughter SSA as soon as possible.

  78. What is the minimum age required for a girl child to be eligible to open this account?

  79. sir… I have opened account 10 September. ..will I get interest from September or from October month!?????

  80. Dear sir,
    No doubt, SUKANYA SAMRUDDHI YOJNA is good. But, Bank of India Nashik Ambad branch & Nashik office does not know about the scheme. Ambad branch officer says OUR BRANCH IS NOT AUTHORIED & Nashik office chief manager says Government announces the schemes but up to our level it does not comes/takes more time period. After that I called to head office, the person given other number, called there, he given other number…………… like this I called & talk with minimum 10 persons of Bank of India head office, regional office, toll free number etc. But can’t open SSY in Bank of India. Get only & only harassment from them.

  81. My Daughter Date of Birth is 25 February 2005 . Can I use SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI ACCCOUNT .
    Please suggest.

  82. If daughter parents are going to sudden death then scheme is running continuous or blocked.some query are below please clarify if possible.

    1) when it will reimbursement to beneficiary
    2) Balance monthly amt should be automatic deposit by bank or SUKANYA SAMRUDDHI YOJNA
    3) After Child death how can get the claim

  83. Hi Team,

    Thank you for starting this scheme.
    Kindly inform that, if I wants to continue after 21 yrs for ex: 25 years of age. Then, can I get the compound interest for total 25 years or I get it till 21 yrs only.

  84. Sir i want to know the age cretaria for sukanya yojna. Can a girl child is eligible whose date of birth is 09 Dec 2004

  85. Sir,
    my daughters date of birth is 25 Sep 2013. But post office Mangrulpir pin code 444403 dist- washim Maharashrea was told me that my daughter is not eligible for this scheme.

    I also went to SBI MANGRULPIR BRANCH Code no. 0286 they are not aware about SSY.

    what can i do please reply me soon………

  86. i have opened SSY accounts in the name of my girl child last month at SBI.. i am having an SB account with the same bank. i am planning to do online transfer to my children’s SSY accounts for future payments. please advise how can i view the account details of SSY accounts. will the bank issue user id and password for viewing purpose. bank officials are unable to answer this as they are not familiar with this SSY accounts. please help.

  87. Hai
    I have opened account on my Daughter’s name today in bank of baroda …Can I transfer some amount every month thru RTGS/NEFT is there any option pls let me know…

  88. मेरी बहन की जन्म तारीख 16-08-2005 हे, तो क्या हम ये सुकन्या योजना मे खाता खुलवा सकते हे?

  89. Hi,
    My daughter born in UK 2010 and after birth she still in India living with my parents in law and we both are in UK . We all have Indian nationality. Is this possible that my parents in law can open account for her behalf of us ? If yes plz tell what documents are required.

  90. i am visiting from last 15 days to our near by post-office to open an account,but finally they told me to come after 10th nov.

  91. Thanks to prime minister modi ji that he started. Sukanya samrudhi account for girl doubts 1.any insurance facility is there in this account if any thing happents to parent I.e death .who has to pay amount in the name of his daughter

  92. is this account SSY is trustable?

  93. Kindly start online payment neft or netbanking etc for the post office opened ssay

  94. Hello There,

    I have opened SSA for both my daughters in Post Office at my Wife’s Hometown. Please Clarify the following doubts.

    1. What is the 12 month period for this account. Is it Jan to Dec every year. Or is it from the month that I started the Account. For Instance, I started the account this July, So is the First year ending by DEC 2015 or JUL 2016?

    2. Can I transfer the Account from the Post office to any Bank, SBI for Instance. While I enquired at the time of starting, the banks were not aware only. Since, now Banks have started to acceprt this, can I shift now.


  95. Sir,
    Is Guardian can be changed i.e if husband opened SSA account for his daughter as a legal guardian himself and can it be changed to his wife?

  96. Sir,
    I have SSA account with post office as a legal/natural Guardian myself.
    Can my wife avail the benefit of tax exemption under section 80 C?

  97. Hi,

    I have one question that if there is any unfortunate happen between daughter or parents then what will be the return of money which will deposited for such long term.

  98. I will open this account in Bank of Baroda where i assured to get world class services thought their good staff and technology.

  99. Hi
    I want to know can we deposit install through online

  100. In the event of unfortunate death of the Parents and guardians.
    totally the child is become ORPHAN.

    Then the policy will become will stop.

    the orphan child will be under Orphanage.

    then What is the benefit of SSY to that orphan child.

  101. Hi,

    I want to get SS account for my niece. As Account need to be opeNed by Natural or legal gaurdian, so is it mandatory that money has to be deposited by same person i.e Gaurdian only? Kindly clarify, if account is opened in Banks like SBI and bank is allowing online transfer facility so can anyone other than gaurdian transfer the amountamount from any other account account.
    Clearly my question is, can I deposit money online from my account to my niece SS account? kindly clarify. Thanks.

  102. My daughter is born in USA, but we are citizens of India.Can I still apply for my daughter

  103. I want to open sukanya samriddhi account for my girl child but few doubts are still there in this plan. I would request all of you to kindly clarify my doubts with ur valuable comments.

    1) Is it compulsory to pay a fixed amount every year through out the tenure, or has the flexibility to pay any amount as per depositors wishes? For example can i pay one year 50000/- and another year 5000/-.

    2) What happens if the Father/Mother or both dies after opening this account?

    • 1) Yes you can be flexible
      2) this account can be either closed or continued as per guardians choice.

  104. Hello !
    Good Evening !

    If I open a SSY account in Dec’15,will the interest I going to get be only for 4 months till March’16 .
    Will April’16 be considered as 2nd year of SSY ?
    In this case is not it is beneficial to deposit the money on 1st April’15 in one shot ?

  105. Father & Mother is allowed as a joint guardian in case of his minor girl child. Also amount deposited by both the parents can admissible for tax benefit in sukanya samruddhi account

  106. my daughter’s date of birth 07/08/2004. i have already open this account on november. From this financial year if I invest Rs.150000/- per year. how much I will get at the time of matuirity

  107. Why the docs need attestation by gazzetted off or equivalent person? I was told by the P.O staff today itself.I am disappointed.

  108. Plz Tell me
    Can We transfer or ECS in Sukanya Samriddhi Account ?

  109. Hi Team,

    I would like to open this account for my daughter.

    Is It mandatory to open account in Post Office?

    I am coming to Agra UP. is there any bank in Agra who is can help me to open this account. So that I can transfer account online. I can not go to PO. I am NRI. It is tough to go there. I can operate online.

    Please help and suggest me

    Ashutosh Gupta

  110. For calculating interest of one month, till which date of the month the amount is seen? (like in PPF it is 5th of every month).
    I have opened account with Bank of India

  111. I open account in post office in March, daughter is 2 years old at that time..KINDLY revert for last deposit time for my case .It is counting on 14 years from FY directly or previous month of opening of account ( What is last deposit month for my case..? March 2029 ,March 2028 or Feb 2028

  112. Hi ,
    I have a doubt regarding SSA. Both my wife and I are working, and I’ve opened an SSA account in our daughter’s name in SBI bank, with me as the operator. Now, my wife wants to know
    1. if she can also deposit money in the SSA account (online transfer is possible)
    2. if so, whether she’ll be able to claim tax benefit for her share of deposit.
    Tried searching the net for the answers but not successful. Will be really grateful if you could clarify.

  113. Hi
    I am on Resident Visa in UAE from 14th Sept 2015, & my daughter born in India & wife stays in India till today, we all are holding Indian Passport

    1. How can I open SSA account for my daughter, can I will be Guardian myself or my wife in SSA
    2. What if after opening this account both parents & daughter will get NRI status, the account & its benefit will continue thereafter
    3. Which option is good to get better returnds either to pay every month (credit before 5th of every month) or pay once/twice in year


  114. Sir,

    1. After joining the SSA, how will the parent avail the tax benefit ? Is it through the bank statement of the SSA account or the transfer statement of parent’s account to the SSA account of kid.
    2. If the parent’s account is a joined account, how will the transfer be treated for individual tax benefit (wife and husband) ?


    • 1) passbook is preferred option.
      2) In the case of any joint account since the PAN card of the primary has been updated in bank so benefit can be availed by the primary account holder.

  115. Hi, My daughter is born on 25th November 2015, Can I apply the scheme for my daughter. Please reply.


  117. Is it mandatory to deposit amount monthly just like an RD ac? or Can I deposit money whenever i have with me? (min Rs. 1000 to max Rs. 1.5L pa)

  118. Can I invest monthly deposit to my daughter’s SSY account. Can I deposit different amount in different months? As if I deposit Rs 2000 in December 2015, Can I deposit Rs 1000 in January 2016? Or the monthly amount should be fixed? Waiting for your answer…

  119. Sir,

    I have opened the SSY account in the name of my daughter

    I came through the notification it says that the deposit be made till 14 years from the date of opening of account.

    my question is:-

    Should i allowed to continue to invest beyond the 14 years from the date of opening of account?


    it only restrict till 14 years from date of opening.


    saurabh pahuja

  120. hi…
    after maturity..withdrawn of amount should be joint..girl &parent.permit giving only to girl..thereshould be misuses by her..large amount.
    so amend withdrawn rules to giving joint permission.

    • I am also in support of this comment of a parent. In Sukanya Samridhi Yojana, all the slient features and objectives are good. It is also prospective and will support the parent as well as child during their future needs but only thing is that if the girl will misuse the fund or amount saved for her future, then what will be the remedy ? So, operation of the account should be jointly performed by the parent and the girl. If the teen aged girl is brain washed by somebody she can use the same amount for any other use for what it is not saved by her parent even her future again will become uncertain. So, there should be an override condition stipulated by Govt. or the authority to curb that misuse and prevent misuse of savings for the needs.

  121. Today I walked on to the United Bank of India, Mayabazar Branch, DTPS, DVC, Durgapur- 713207 to open SSY A/c for my twin daughers of age 3 yrs.
    But the official there told me that I should have A/c in their Branch, then only they can open SSY A/c for my daughters.
    I hav had to come back from the branch.
    I knew there is no any condition like this. Is there ??
    If no, Govt. should do the necessary steps against the bank officials to stop making customers fool and harrasing them and stop making own rules illegally.
    Today many bank officials think the bank their own shop, that I experienced.

  122. Hi Sir,

    I Blessed with baby girl, and my baby is completed 5 month,

    we are planning to open sukanya samridhi account, but I am confuse where we need to open this account either in POST OFFICE or STATE BANK.

    Request you to please suggest which is best option for me.

  123. Can I open 2 accounts of SSY (One in PO & Other one in Bank ) ?? bcz PO saying not possible to transfer the account to bank ??? Plz help

  124. Hello sir,

    Can i transfer money ONLINE to SSY acct of my daughter.

    Please confirm.

  125. I want to know that what will be the maturity value if i deposit 63000 annually in ssy

  126. where will i get the documents for sukanya samriddhi yojana… i have already paid for my 2 daughters through icici bank

  127. Dear Admin

    Please let us know if girl kids born outside India (NRI) can avail this valuable scheme .Appreciate you feedback.

  128. Dear sir,
    I have a daughter who is 9 years old. i wanted to know if my mother that is my daughter’s maternal grandmother opens an SSA then will she get tax benefit.?

    I also want to know if me or my husband can also open another SSA in her name?

  129. In case money needed for girls education, and 14 yrs deposit period is not done. Lets say girl is 8 yrs old she needs money after 10 years for her education. Is education purpose withdrawal allowed in this case?

  130. Dear Sir,
    We have planned to open SSY for our only child(girl). I have two question 1. who will the operator of the account when the account will matured / closed. Can authority needs any signatory of the guardian or the Girl will be the only Signatory?
    2. Unfortunately, if any Girl( Policy Holder) expired before the date of maturity, then what will be the account status or the Money? Same as if the Guardian expired before the maturity, can her next guardian entitle his or her name in place of existing guardian?

  131. Dear Sir
    I would like to know what is balance in ssy account and how.
    Can I check it online?

  132. I have a daughter who is 13 years. Can I open an account for her under this scheme?

  133. perfect suggestion …. i am also agree with this point

  134. Its not yet clear how much i wl get as return after maturity of 21 years if i am depositing 1000 per year,
    If i am opening an account with 1000 and in every month tl age of 14 i m depositing 100 per month how much total i wl get in maturity.
    Please confirm.

    Sohan Mashi

  135. Hi,

    Am opening an account on name of my niece , and am paying the amount every month, so Is there is a possibility for tax exemption.

  136. I have already opened ssy in month of August 2015 for my baby.I have deposited Rs.1000 when newly opened the account and 1.49 lakhs after few days of Month of August 2015. I want to know when should I deposit next 1.5 lakhs amount for year 2016 to get 80 lakhs after 21 yrs.Whether in 1st April 2016 or in month of August 2016 when I hv open the account? Please reply.

  137. Hi, I Have open SSA for my daughter with IDBI Bank (Rs.10000/-) & wanted to transfer money to the SSA, but unable add the A/C No as it is 20Characters and also finding difficulty to get payment reciept which is to be submitted for tax exemption. Please advise.

  138. Hi there,

    Would my child be eligible to open an account if she has born in NZ and now living in INDIA as permanent resident?
    Please note, she is Citizen of NZ, but resident of INDIA.

    Please advice.


  139. Sir,

    I have opened the SSY account in post office.

    my question is:- first year i am deposit 20000 & next year i can deposit 50000 it is possible?

  140. Dear Team,
    I have open an account of SSA for my daughter and my investment is every year 30k,now she is 4months old so my query is if suppose i died then what is the further procedure of SSA as my wife also dependent.

  141. What scheme is this.i have heard that if you deposit 1000rs per year for 14 years you will get 6 lakhs by 21 it correct.if incorrect than what is the exact scheme

    • this is not correct, you will have to deposit rs 1000 per month for 14 years to get rs 6 lakhs.

  142. Hi! I have one 3 year old daughter, me and my wife are presently depositing 1.5 lakhs each in our individual PPF a/c for tax benefit.

    1. Can we open 2 SSA a/c individually for our 1 Daughter and deposit Rs 1.5 Lakhs each in every FY, Is it legal and also if it’s do both of us get the Tax Benefit

    2. Maturity of the scheme is 21 years, so in case I open the a/c today she will be 24 years, looking at higher education cost , we will be needing money after 15 years or her attaining age of 18 years , would we be able to close the account in case 50% of the permissible amount does not suffice our requirement, looking at the depreciating nature of money Year on Year

    • 1) It is not legal, you can open only 1 ssy account for 1 daughter, max tax benefit in 80C is 1.5 lakhs only.
      2) no.

  143. Dear Sir, Pls help me out in my queries-
    1. My Daughter’s age is 6 years today. If I open account today and deposit Rs 50,000 annually every year for 14 yrs, how much return I will get at maturity after 21 years(in 2037)
    2. Can I deposit online in post office. If not, then online facility is available in which banks.
    3. If my daughter gets married before maturity, then this account will close after maturity or at the time of marriage.


  144. I have twins daughter they r only 1month 2 days can i use this SSY for my daughters now…?

  145. Sir
    I live in Ghaziabad . I went in post office Ghaziabad for open SSA but post office say that they have not form . already I visit 10 th time in a last month . pls tell me how can open the account.
    Thanking you

  146. hi i want to open this account but she is not my child she is my brother daughter her age is 2 year & we are staying in one house only so shall i open this account on her better future can you reply me

  147. kindly clarify:

    (1) if I can open a SSY and also a PPF account for my 18 month old daughter;

    (2) the interest in both schemes will be treated as tax free simultaneously;

    (3) I can avail tax free interest income on the deposit of (a) Rs.1.50 lacs {Self PPF} + (b) Rs.1.50 lacs {daughter SSY} + (c) Rs.1.50 lacs {daughter PPF};

    (4) I understand that the Section 80C benefit shall be limited to a total of Rs. 1.50 lacs (both schemes and all 3 deposits combined).

    thanking you in advance.

  148. Sir,

    My daughter is 8 Years, if I deposit Rs 2000/- per month what will be the amount after maturity or at the marriage

  149. Hi my qyeri is
    1. Today growth for SSY is 9.2 % whether it is fixed or floating
    2. In case of any casuality of parent who will look after the yogna if girl child less than 10 yrs n what will be the process of maturity then

  150. What will be the maturity value if i paid 40000 per anum in ssy

  151. i have open account “ SSA” on 2-1-2016 in Central bank of India , i have given all document which are required , but when they open this account , wrong information uploaded in system like :- Address, Date of Birth , Name of girl child are wrong(spelling mistake)

    i have notes this (15-1-2016) from customer care of central bank of India.
    They told me to visit branch, i have visit branch but still correct information not uploaded into account they said please submit all document once-again, i said where is my previous document

    Today at initial stage if this types of mistake happen, after 21 year they will verify all document with spelling if any mistake found they will never pay your amount.

    i request you to please upload the correct information so that after maturity it will become easy to withdrawn (other nobody can trust

  152. My Daughter is 3 months old. Can I Open SSY by her name?

    How Much Maturity amount We will get in

    1) If we deposit 3000 per month.

    2) if we deposit 5000 per month.

    I have an account in ICICI bank. Can I open SSY in any ICICI branch?

  153. Should I use the deposited amount for relaxation for income tax?

  154. Whether it is possible to transfer sukanya account already opened in any post office to sbi…how?

  155. Sir/madam,

    i was opend a SSA for my daughter ,in post office,shipra suncity,ghaziabad,A/c No.3155111348,how i can find out online,please help to us,

    Thank you

  156. Last year i have opened SSA account in near by post office and this year i have deposited amount 0f 12000 for which the post office person has declined to provide the receipt saying no such receipt exists for SSA and said updating passbook is enough.
    My concern is that is it ok if no receipt is given by the post office?
    Also i want to know how to trak my SSA online?

  157. Hi sir

    recently my elder brother opened an SSA account in SBI for his daughter, i try to trasfer 1000 to the same but money as been reversed in my SB account. Is the mandatory that online payment as to be done through parent account.

    Kindly advice.

    Somashekar S

  158. My Daughter is 8 yrs old. If I open an SSA today. Can I withdraw the money after 10 years when my daughter attains the age of 18 yrs. Also if she is married at an age of 19 yrs she is married in that case can she withdraws full amount, though it has not been operated for 14 yrs as mandatory requirement.

  159. My G .Daughter Date of Birth is 21 January 2015 . Can I use SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI ACCCOUNT .
    Please suggest.

    vinod Patni

  160. i opened sukanya samriddhi yojna in april2015 n my daughtre birthdate is 18 april 2015 how much amount will get after maturity

  161. Sir
    please give us this information in marathi. Please sir do the needfull

  162. Respected Sir ,

    Some unthinkable scenario’s :

    Scenario :1 If in some unavoidable situations, where the Girl and the parents differ in opinions, who will enjoy the benefits of the SSY after maturity.

    Scenario 2 : Entire amount was paid by parents for 14 years and the girl unfortunately living separately, then who will be the owner of the matured amount.

  163. My daughter birth date is 25 dec 2015. Can I open her account in SSY

  164. Can childs Grand parents open this account and they r able for tax benifit

  165. Is the deposite amount constant for every year or we can change it.
    Like 1st yr …40000
    2nd yr …20000
    3rd yr….50000
    like this

  166. sir i am father to only son…i want to sponsor my brothers daughter. if am eligible than what i need to do in regard to open this account.

  167. Can I gradually increase the amount in SSY Scheme, for example.

    If i increase with 3000 per month than, after a year it will be 4000 per month and upto 5000 per month the next year?

    please revert.

  168. sir
    my daughter age 2 year i can open this account

  169. Hi Team,

    Before 1 month I’ve opened the SSY account in ICICI bank. Have some queries regarding the same :

    1. I didn’t received any hard copy like passbook of any other document as a proof of SSY account has been opened.
    2. Do I receive a passbook of SSY account ? If yes, How I will receive it. It will reach at my home address OR I’ve to collect it from ICICI home branch ?
    3. How do I deposit money in SSY account ? Can I simply add that account as a registered payee in my existing ICICI bank account and then transfer money through online transfer OR is there any alternate way ?
    4. What document shall I produce to claim it for Income Tax ? Do I receive any Tax certificate OR I’ve to submit the passbook copy OR online bank statement ?
    5. Is there any way to get a Tax document through online which I can produce for Income Tax ?

    Please give your valuable suggestions.


    • 1) You can ask for SSY passbook from them.
      2) Bank can help you with this.
      3) you can transfer money in SSY in any form or method
      4) passbook is sufficient
      5) this is not possible.

  170. Can a Non resident open the account ?

    Can grand parent open such account for grand daughter ?

  171. Hi, I would like to open an SSY account for my sister daughter. Is am i eligible for tax exemption ?

  172. Hi,

    This is a great initiative and I thanks for the same.
    I have two queries,
    1) Is the rate of interest changing every year?
    If so, then can it reduce also after we have put in money?

    Also is it mandatory to open a SB account in the bank you are opening SSA or you can deposit money via another SB account as well?

    • 1) Interest rate may or may not change
      2) Yes you can reduce or increase your money

      • Thanks for the revert on the first question regarding the interest amount.
        What are the primary reason for the change in rate of interest?

        my other query is –do we need to have a saving bank account in the same bank where we are opening a Sukanya Samridhi account or it is not mandatory?

        • 1) there are many reasons for government to consider for interest rate which are beyond the scope of this blog
          2) You do not need to have a savings account in bank to open ssy.

  173. I have born a Third new girl what i can open his third Sukayana Samridhi account Suggest me plz.

  174. I have opened Sukanya account in Jan 2016 and deposited total of 150,000 in the account.
    I understand the maximum deposit allowed is 150,000 per financial year.

    I want to know if it is financial year or calendar year.

    Can I deposit another 150,000 in April 2016 as it will be new financial year or I have to wait for Jan 2017.

  175. By Mistake i have opened same name second account my daughter in sukanya samriddhi Yojana in sbi Bank. what is the process to close my second account and return my deposit mony in my saving account.

  176. i know about that my daughter is 3.5 years old born in may 2012. i opened account in sukanya samardhi yojna in oct.2015. acount maturity date is 2037.
    If i do marriage my daughter can i withdraw money before maturity.

    please suggest me.

  177. I have lost my SSY pass book, which was belongs to my daughter AASTHA VIMAL PATEL, NANI DAMAN, so how can we get duplicate pass book for same.

  178. My child is 2 years old and I have started an account one year back. if i pay Rs 1,50,000/- per year till she is 14 years, how much amount will i get back on maturity.

    Will any law amendment make this policy invalid ?

    Is this amount guaranteed ?

  179. can grandparents open this account for their grand child.. if no, can they deposit money in this account , and who will claim deduction u/s 80c in that case ?

  180. Now My Daughter’s Age Is 7 Years. If I Join This Project Then The Maturity Date Is 2030 Then My Daughter Age Will 28 Years.

    Now I Think That, Now My Daughter’s Age Is 7. If She Passed All Classes Then She Complete Her H.S. Exam Is 19 Years. After Then She Joining Any Course Like Doctor , Engineer etc.. Then We Need Money. But If I Join This Yojana Project Then We Received Money Her 29 Years In The Year Of 2030. So What Can We Do ?

  181. I have 2 girls aged 6 & 4 yrs as on date born on 19/02/2010 & 27/03/2015. I had opened SSA accounts for them in the nearby post office. Now, they say and have provided a notification that I cannot invest more than 1,50,000 Rs in an accounting year cumulatively for both of my daughters. Please explain. They also say that even under 80c only 1,50,000 is exempted, so investment of more than that does not arise

    • they are wrong you can invest a total of rs 3 lakhs. But will get a maximum tax exemptions of rs 1.5 lakhs only.

      • Upon further request they have provided with a copy of notification (F.No.116-57/2014-SB) dated . 26.02.2015 issued by Ministry of Communication & IT, Department of Posts where in it states that ” maximum amount to be accepted in a accounting year (i.e. Rs1,50,000) in a account & number of accounts that can be opened by a guardian etc.”

        Currently my elder daughter viz. Anya Garodia aged 6yrs as on dtd, SSA A/C no.701710054 is having Rs 89,000 deposited in her a/c & younger daughter Anika Garodia would be 4 by next month, SSA A/C No. 701710055 is also having Rs 89,000 deposited in her a/c.

        Please provide alternate contact details if copy of the notification is to be mailed for reference.

        Also please tell me what should be my next step.

      • Hi Sir

        I have already opened a SSYaccount for my daughter in November 2015 and deposited amount ₹ 101000 up to 8 March 2016. May I deposit Rs 150000 in April 2016 and eligible for Interest?

  182. Dear sir

    I opened ssa account for my daughter ..The depositer name was having spelling mistakes ..kindly guide me how to change it ..since post office staff was unable to correct the mistake and nor they know the procedure to proceed further to change the name correction

    With regards

  183. what is a maturity benefit ???

  184. Can we do online transfer to the account opened in a post office?
    Can one deposit the money through a post office in another city?

  185. Hi Team,
    I have opened the SSA Account in SBI Bank in the month of August 2015, But till now there is no interset accumulated in that account. Please let me know when interest will be deposited?
    Kindly do the needful.

  186. I have SBI savings A/C in West Bengal but I stay in Delhi.So My question is
    1)Can I open SSY account online ( SBI,PNB) in same branch
    2)Can I operate it with online
    3)My Permanent address is in WB but my daughter Birth Certificate is in Delhi,Can i open this account anywhere in India or in birth place or my permanent address which is mention in Birth certificate.

    • 1) No
      2) yes you can operate it online after your account is opened.
      3) you can open this account anywhere in India.

  187. Have opened the account in a post office. Please advise:

    Can we do online transfer to the account opened in a post office?
    Can one deposit the money through a post office in another city?

  188. Hi,

    I need to know that my daughter’s date of birth is 25th January 2006, can SSA be opened in her name.


  189. I opened an account for my daughter in Post Office, Chalakkudy, Thrissur, Kerala. Now we shifted to Dubai and not able to visit India this year hence we are unable to pay the premium for the year 2015 – 2016. Please advise how can we operate the account through online. It will be helpful for us to pay premium online from Dubai as well as enable us to active this account.

  190. Can I deposit 1.5 Lakh in my daughter’s SSY account and 1.5 Lakh in my PPF account and get interest in both ?
    I understand that 80C benefit can be claimed on only one but am I eligible to get interest on both ?

  191. Hi Team

    I have doubt in maturity period is it at child’s 21 years .age….or at the 21 st year from the day of opening SSY account

  192. Why is there no online provision to open an SSY account when Digital India is getting a big push from the same PM?
    Would be a matter of shame!

  193. Hi,

    I need to know that my daughter’s date of birth is 25th January 2006, can SSA be opened in her name.


  194. I want to know that how much account interest first year annual amount 12000/- @ 9.10% = 1092/- gross total 13092
    second year annual amount 12000/-. What will it able interest on first year’s 13092+ second year’s 12000

  195. I have two daughters under the age of 10 and I have opened the SSY account for both of them. Am I allowed to deposit 1.5 L in each account? What is the tax benefit in this case?

  196. Already I have opened one SSY account for my daughter in post office now I would like to open one more SSY in SBI . Is it possible to have two SSY account for one kid

  197. Is it possible to increase the Amount of deposit.
    for example, if i start the scheme with 3000 per month and for next year i put 4000 or 5000 per month?

    please reply.

  198. my daughter’s date of birth is 24.08.2005, can i open the SSY account and also if her marriage takes place when she attains a age of 25 years then will i get the maturity amount after her marriage or before her marriage ?

    Anuj Kumar Gupta

  199. I have opened a ssa account for my 1st daughter who is 3 years,
    1) as per the ssa i can pay 150000 for 14 years am i right ?
    2) i am having a ppf account where i am paying 150000 so 1.5+1.5 a year can be paid but 80c is 150000
    3)can my wife make payment and claim deduction under 80c for my 1st daughters account
    4)i want to open an account for my 2nd daughter who is just 4 months
    5)2nd daughters account can be oprated by both parents or just one parent

  200. Happy evening sir /madam presently I’m staying in vizak but our own house is in Hyderabad so which address I can give as address proof please suggest me sir/madam
    Thanking u

  201. My doubt was supposed I have opened SSA account premium in a year 10000/-…. How can I pay my premium…..Only one premium are monthly premium ????? Please clarification give me……Suresh

  202. Can i transfer money to my niece account for tax benefit .

  203. Hi,

    My daughter is oct 2015 born. I have her birth ceritificate where her name is not mentioned, Only given as B/O Sushma. We are planning to name her officially once she step to 9th month. Can i open Sukanya Samridhi scheme now with out her name in Birth certificate or should i wait till her naming is done.


  204. I have opened the SSY account in Punjab National Bank in kirti nagar branch (delhi).

    can i deposit the money in that account from any other punjab national bank branch from delhi or outside delhi ?

    i didnot got the passbook for the account . how can i maintain the record of amount deposit in it. ?

    praveen arya

  205. Now my daughter is 7 year old, if i open her SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI YOJANA account today, then after how many years my daughter will Rs. 6 lakhs ? how many money we need to pay every year in her sukanya account,

  206. I have to deposit 6000 rs per every year, then how much get after maturity of my daughter.

  207. my two daughter one 6 year old & one 8 year old can we open separate account for both or singal account

  208. Can i make a online payment to sukanyasamriddhi account, if yes please tell me how can i transfer..

  209. Good evening sir /madam this is parween
    I would like to ask that wheather it is compulsory to have both parents details for the girl child’s policy as my husband left me when my daughter is in months that is in 2010 my baby born on 12/3/2009 as I gave birth to girl child he left us. Now we are staying with our parents presently we don’t have proof belonging to him so please guide us how to take the policy please we need ur suggestions
    Thanking u sir/madam

  210. Hi,

    I am planning to open the SSY Account i have some doubt regarding the yearly scheme.
    suppose i opened the account by depositing 1000 rs. But i am planning to deposit 1,50,000rs yearly.I need to deposit at a time or shall i deposit through out the year up to 1,50,000 Rs. can i deposit money multiple times through out the year. Is it possible?

  211. Hi Sir,
    Can i pay online for SSY which was opened in POST OFFICE, Today they post office said to pay online but its coming
    is it correct that can we payonline

    Can i take another account in sbi if sukanya samruddi yojana

    pls suggest can some one have two accounts on single dependent daughter of post office & sbi

    • paying online in Post office is not possible as of now. You cannot open a second account in SBI but yes you can transfer your existing account from Post Office to SBI

  212. Hi, I am located in bangalore. Please tell me if I can enrol for this plan today? What is the last day?

  213. My daughter date of Birth 30.07.2002 can I open SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI YOJANA account.


  214. Sir I have opened SUKANYA SAMRIDDHI YOJANA two days back. But by mistake I have given initial of my daughter as H.K . but it should be corrected as H.R . how to make this correction.

  215. I have some doubt that which period will be counted one year from Date of opening account, a calendar year or a financial year for purposes of deposit amount into SSYaccount?
    Plz reply me

  216. naku mugguru okkesari puttaru…..2 babies …1 babu..present vallaki…1.5 years untai….e sukuyna samriddhi pillaliki vastunda leda…chepandi sir…..

  217. Erroneously, two SSY accounts of the same child were opened at two different cities – one by her father, as guardian and second, by her mother. Later on, it has come to notice that only one account is permitted. Please intimate the saving scheme where the deposited amount of second SSY account be transferred on closure of the second account. Post master is un-aware off the ruling on the subject.

  218. Sir, I have opened SSA in SBI for my two daughters in March 2016 and deposited rs1.5 lakhs each. And I believe that 21 year term is calculated on the financial year basis that is from April 2015 to March 2016 as one year. I tried to deposit another Rs 1.5 lakhs today 1-April-2016 each for the financial year April 2016 to March 2017. But the transaction failed saying ‘Deposit during the current year exceeds maximum allowed’.

    Appreciate if you could help me out with more details.

  219. Dear team,

    I am still in wait to transfer my SSY account from Post Office to SBI bank. I have been keep moving to bank & Post office for 3 months. All official personnel of Post office & Bank denying to do the same. Earlier SSY team informed to lodge a complain to RBI customer care and I’ve done the same as well but they also didnt take any step.
    Could you please provide us any official circular or letter which I can produce to bank & Post office so that they will be bound to take the action.

    Thanks and regards
    Sanjeev Kumar

  220. Good morning,

    We had a baby girl 10 days back and we are keen on investing in this scheme.

    Is it possible to know how the calculation of maturity value happens? Is the interest compounded monthly/yearly, do interest rates vary every year, etc.

    Will appreciate your quick response on this. :)

  221. Hello Sir .i came to know about this Sukanaya Samriddhi Account. my daughter she is born in Greece on i am resident of greece .can i also apply for this yojana .thank

  222. dear sir. i went to my town post office for opening kanya sukanya account of my daughter with all documents. but the officer of post office are not responding anything they say that kanya sukanya account will not opening here go any other branch and use rubbish words. when m went other bracnch they also say that the account open your home branch and say gate out what i do please tell me sir for take action.

  223. I have opened SSY Account in Axis Bank in Mumbai. Its been 4 months now but i have not yet recvd the passbook from Axis bank. I have checked and complained about them but they saying that the passbook will take time to get. Also i dont have any other document mentioning opening of SSY Account. Pl help.

  224. Hi, My name is Shrikant & would like to open an SSY Account with SBI for my girl child.

    Address & ID proof i do have is for Navi Mumbai, can i open the SSY account in any other city? also, is there any option available to transfer monies online?


  225. Hello sir
    I would like to know that I have 2 daughter and I have opened ppf on my name so if I open ssy account for 2 daughter..will I get tax benefits 80c for all i.e on my ppf + 2 ssy account means 4.5 lac tax benefits..I am asking this because I will be depositor for all above accounts

  226. Hi,
    Can we change date of birth and name in SSA ac? Because in the school documents my daughter’s name and dob is different than SSA ac. Plz suggest. If not, can we close that acc.?

  227. sirf account ke liye do din ja chuka hu kisi ke pass time nahi hota
    my branch 1160 handia allahabad

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